The Valley of the Moon lunar theme was expressed in the semi-circular plate steel ties, which hold the truss members together.

What is now the tasting room was originally filled with concrete fermentation tanks. The original roof trusses and concrete walls remain. The tasting room is a richly textured space of stone, metal, and hand-colored concrete. Oversized casement windows open out to the 57-year-old, "old-vine" Zinfandel vineyard.

The tasting room's large wine bar matches the scale of the 1,800 square foot space. Its curvilinear form is sheathed in a metal quilt of bronzes, copper, and stainless steel - the same dimpled stainless steel sheets used for our steel fermentation tanks.

The Valley of the Moon Winery winemaking team had strong ideas about how to process the grapes - ideas that drove production planning. They wanted a state-of-the-art crush facility that would provide gentle processing and whole cluster pressing for white grapes, resulting in a juice which is fruitier, cleaner, has fewer phenols, is less astringent and easy to clarify. To learn more about winemaking at Valley of the Moon, be sure to see our web site sections on the Cellar, Winemaking and Viticulture.

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