The rigorous standards of quality control which we apply in the Valley of the Moon winemaking facilities actually originate in our estate vineyards.

The vineyards are planted to the traditional red varietals of Zinfandel (planted in the 1940s), Syrah, Barbera, and Petite Syrah, as well as the Mediterranean varietal Sangiovese, and a small amount of port varietals, Souzao and Touriga Nacional. Planted on the gentle rolling plains of the valley floor, in well-draining, rocky, red, decomposed volcanic soil, the Valley of the Moon vineyards enjoy the best of two worlds. The property is blessed with days warmed by the sun - a "banana belt" type microclimate - which allows the grapes to develop deep, rich flavors and colors. And, the cool Sonoma Valley evenings, characterized by the nightly fog banks that roll in from the Pacific Ocean into the Sonoma Valley, keep the fruit at an optimum temperature.

In addition to the fruit from our estate vineyards, we also procure grapes from a few highly-select vineyards throughout Sonoma County. As vineyard management is, quite simply, the most important part of winemaking, these vineyards are chosen on the basis of their long histories of producing the absolute highest-quality fruit.

When Valley of the Moon wines are bottled they are in a range of twenty-five to thirty-five parts per million free-sulfites. This is a relatively low percentage. Furthermore, Valley of the Moon Winery uses no other preservatives. We are able to maintain this low percentage of sulfites because of improved filtration technology.