Directly next to the press pad is the stainless steel cellar. It is a brand new building, designed to reflect the architecture of our barrel cellar. In these gleaming tanks we ferment most of the wine, except for portions that are selected for barrel fermentation. We have a total of 48 tanks ranging in capacity from 1,200 to 14,000 gallons. After fermentation, some of the white wines are cellared in the stainless steel prior to bottling, while others are transferred at various stages to oak barrels.

All of our stainless steel tanks have "double layer jackets" that allow us to cool the wine both during fermentation and during aging. Proper temperature control is a critical aspect of winemaking. It allows the winemaker to control the speed of fermentation and retain freshness in the wines.

The stainless steel cellar measures 130 feet wide by 80 feet long. It is connected to the barrel cellar via 250 feet of underground stainless steel transfer lines. This allows us to safely transfer the wine to its aging barrel in a secure and environmentally-controlled fashion.