Steve Rued was born in Healdsburg, California, and raised on his family’s vineyard in the Dry Creek Valley. After graduating with a degree in fermentation science from UC Davis, Steve worked for a year at Kenwood Vineyards as a laboratory technician. Steve then ventured to South Africa for a year where he was employed as a winemaker’s assistant at Stellenbosch Farmer’s Winery. Having broadened his knowledge of winemaking, Steve returned to Kenwood Vineyards in 1995. He was an integral part of Kenwood’s winemaking team until January, 2004 when he was named Winemaker at Valley of the Moon Winery.
Steve’s winemaking philosophy is a reflection of his vineyard and winery experiences, “Winemaking begins in the vineyard; carefully selecting vineyards and harvesting those vineyards at the proper time is where winemaking truly starts. After the grapes have come into the winery the flavors can be slightly modified through winemaking techniques, but the true flavor of the wine comes from the grapes.”
Winemaking Philosophy