Haunted by history and romance, the Sonoma Valley was called the "Valley of the Moons" by the Native Americans who inhabited the area. As the moon ascended in the evening sky, it appeared to rise, again and again - continually reborn - over the peaks and glens of the Mayacamas mountain range. Thus, the moon in all its phases seems an appropriate symbol for the newly-reborn Valley of the Moon Winery and Vineyards.

The illustration etched on our wine bottles was conceived at the Studio Grafico Artigiano in Bergamo, Italy. Inspired by an eighteenth-century East Indian drawing, this design depicts the lunar phases surrounded by a "cosmos" of white dots, and the expression of moonlight, the reflected light of the sun.

The sun is also represented by the central dot and the outer black circle around the moon. As the moon and sun are complementary symbols in our culture, so are their portrayals on the bottles of the Valley of the Moon wines. They are appropriate symbols for the natural cycle of day and night, cycles basic to the growing of vines - in the Valley of the Moon.