Valley of the Moon's cellar is actually comprised of two buildings: the barrel cellar room and the new stainless steel cellar.

The barrel cellar is quite a special place in terms of interior volume, construction and environmental control. The surrounding stone and concrete walls of the barrel room provide no support for the roof of the room. The existing walls from the old Madrone vineyards have been retrofitted with an interior steel frame that features large steel posts which are sunk 18 feet into the earth. The interior space, all 6,000 square feet, is open and free from interior posts. This permits greater utilization of the cellar and easier access to the barrels.

The cellar currently houses approximately 2,400 barrels. It is designed to take advantage of the natural, evening cooling conditions of the Sonoma Valley. When the temperature outside the barrel room drops below the temperature inside, louvered fans in the ceiling automatically open, drawing in cool air. This method is more efficient and economical than using electrically-powered air conditioning. The temperature in the barrel room doesn't fluctuate more than 15 degrees at any time due to the room's construction and the physical mass it contains, i.e. the barrels and other case goods.

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