How can something be old and new at the same time? Can we protect our heritage in a structure built in 1863, yet embrace state-of-the-art? That was the challenge and the vision for transforming Valley of the Moon Winery. The new owners realized, early-on, the importance of Valley of the Moon Winery to California's wine history. They wanted to respect the past, and at the same time build a facility that would allow them to craft world-class wines.

The key to the success was a tremendous amount of teamwork. The owners, winemaking team, architects, engineers, builders and artisans all collaborated in an almost magical way to create the new Valley of the Moon Winery.

Their objectives were:

  • To maintain the heritage, keeping the original stone and concrete walls of the winery and fermentation building.
  • To build a state-of-the-art crush and wine making facility.
  • To protect the estate old-vine Zinfandel vineyards, landmark bay tree and surrounding environment.
  • To incorporate modern styling and sophistication in the architecture and design of the winery.